Brand Identity Messaging

“I need a cooler-looking website! I need prettier marketing materials! I need flashier social media posts!”

Not necessarily…

What you SAY is just as important—and sometimes more so—than what you display.

We’ll help your business define and refine its voice so that you can talk efficiently and effectively to people about it:

  • Developing a company point of view (NOT a “mission statement”)

  • Creating consistency throughout the organization in how everyone promotes it

  • Marketing, sales & promotional copywriting

Because in the end, words are what sells.

Here’s an example of a client we helped to develop their business’ Point of View—why their business exists, what makes them special and how they help their customers.

We then translated this into a positioning statement to be displayed on their website and then adapted it into a script for their “about us” video (FYI, we also created their logo):