Brand Identity Messaging

“I need a cooler-looking website…I need prettier marketing materials…I need flashier social media posts.”

Not necessarily….

It’s what you SAY—in your website, marketing materials and social media posts—that often matters MORE than what you display.

Namely, the most effective and efficient promotional tools at your disposal are the actual words you use that persuade your audience to choose YOU.

Words are what sell.

We help you demonstrate the value your business offers through content (what you say) and context (how you say it so that your audience “gets it”).

To put it another way, you’ll be able to talk about yourself that connects with your potential customers and clients, and gets them to understand how and why they should do business with you over anyone else.

Whether we’re working with you as a consultant to discover and develop your business’ point of view—that serves as the catalyst for all of your communication efforts—or as an editor to make the text written on your website more effective, we’ll make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

Here’s an example of a client we helped to develop their business’ Point of View—why their business exists, what makes them special and how they help their customers.

We then translated this into a positioning statement to be displayed on their website and then adapted it into a script for their “about us” video (FYI, we also created their logo):