A logo is often your audience’s first glimpse at your business’ identity.

It gives them a quick visual impression of who you are, what you’re about and what you promise to deliver.

We design logos for businesses who appreciate the creative effort that’s required to create something that elevates the perception of their brand.


The logos we typically design:

  • Are relatively simple in detail—we believe people shouldn’t have to burn too many brain cells trying to comprehend what they’re looking at.

  • Since brand recognition is the ultimate purpose of a logo, over-designing is counterproductive.

  • Can be easily translated into a single color for printing on swag (hats, shirts, stickers, mugs, etc.).

(Think of Apple, Nike, IBM, Amazon, UPS, Starbucks logos.)

We understand this is an important investment in your business’s image.

Therefore, know that we dedicate ourselves to a comprehensive process that incorporates the time, attention and intention necessary to designing a logo that will captivate and impress.

Whether it’s to be displayed on a large and/or small scale, our goal is to ensure that your logo is one that will stay relevant and that you’ll be proud to showcase years from now.